Charter & Documentation

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A - Z of Springdale School

Attendance / Absences: Children are expected to be at school by 8:30am.  Absences should be notified by telephone or through HERO.  If we do not hear from you regarding your child's absence you will be contacted by the school office to check on your child's absence.

The School Day

8:45am School Day Starts

10:45am - 11 - 10am Morning Tea (5 - 10 minutes seated eating)

12:50pm - 1:30pm Lunch (10 minutes seated eating)

2:30pm Home time Bell - bus leaves at 2:35pm

Bus:  We have one bus which runs each morning to pick children up for school and then in the afternoon to return them home.  If you have any questions about the bus route please contact the school office.

Eligibility for the Ministry of Education funded School bus: 

1) Children nine years of age or under, must live 3.2km or more (by the shortest route) to the nearest state or integrated school.

2) Children ten years of age or over, must live 4.8km or more (by the shortest route) from the nearest state or integrated school.

3) Children eligible for School Transport are expected to make their own way for 1.6km to the school bus unless the transport is passing their home and not overloaded.

Communication:  We communicate with our families via HERO, Skool Loop and the Springdale School Parents Facebook page, text messages and email.  It is important families sign up for HERO (download the app) as this is where all our notices, complete with reply facility, can be found.

Concerns:  In the first instance please make initial contact with your child's classroom teacher and arrange a suitable time to discuss your concern.  If the issue is not resolved then please contact the school office to arrange a suitable time to meet with the principal.    Please refer to the relevant two documents below.

Emergency Procedures


Home Learning

School Uniform

Parent Help

Reporting to Whanau, families & caregivers

School Donations



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